CRIF Decision Solutions - Fraud Prevention Solutions
  • Insurance Bureau
    Insurance Bureau
    Supporting decision makers with
    a complete range of information services
    and solutions for risk management
  • Fraud Investigation
    Fraud Investigation
    Detect suspicious connections and fraud networks,
    protecting your business
  • ID Verification
    ID Verification
    Effective identity verification solutions
    to help prevent fraud and comply with
    anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Vehicle Verification
    Vehicle Verification
    Accurately and instantly check
    the provenance and the identity of a vehicle
    through a combination of numerous data sources
  • Early Detection
    Early Detection
    A point-of-quote or point-of-sale risk tool
    designed to deliver an enriched claims history and help detect fraud
CRIF Decision Solutions - Fraud Prevention Solutions
Focus On

Tackling Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims

​NIHL claims increased by 189% between 2011 and 2014, and the cost for the industry was estimated at around £360M.
It is widely accepted that the increased volume of NIHL claims is a result of the shift in focus of claims management companies and professionals who are looking to replace revenue lost from pursuing RTA whiplash claims following regulatory change.
The ABI and the industry are seeking regulatory change to improve this challenging situation. But in the meantime, what can insurers do to detect fraudulent NHIL claims? Discover more
Events   Press Releases

London, The Brewery, October 6, 2016
​​CRIF will sponsor The Insurance Fraud Awards 2016, which will be held at The Brewery in London on October 6, 2016. 
​Royal Albert Hall, London, July 6, 2016
The British Insurance Awards 2016
​CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd will be present at the British Insurance Awards at the Royal Albert Hall on July 6th and join the UK insurance community. 

fraud investigation

Taipei (Taiwan) and Bologna (Italy), September 9, 2016
CRIF takes over CCIS-China Credit Information Service
​​CRIF, the global credit information company with head office in Bologna, Italy, has announced today the acquisition of CCIS, the Taiwanese-based credit information agency, from the previous shareholders, to carry forward its business growth and expansion path in the Asian market.
Spotlight on pet insurance fraud - Sara Costantini interviewed by Post's research editor Michèle Bacchus
​Only one-fifth of the UK population purchases insurance for their pet yet incidences of fraud are soaring, from £420,000 in 2009 to nearly £2m in 2014.
What are the different types of fraudulent claims and how is the industry tackling them?
What does CRIF do in the pet insurance arena?
Watch the video interview to discover more about the CRIF project
Bologna (Italy), Moscow (Russia), Kaliningrad (Russia), September 5, 2016
CRIF enhances its business operations in Russia by acquiring Microfinance Technologies Center for credit risk assessment services
​CRIF has announced today the acquisition of Microfinance Technologies Center (MTC) in Russia – a growing industry player in the delivery of credit risk assessment services for the microfinance sector. 
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