Embracing intelligent technology

to boost your business, tailor your strategies and improve decision-making


CRIF for banks and financial institutions

In this digital era, with easy, fast and limitless options, decision-making has become even more difficult. Business strategy is strategic only if all the available knowledge is used to define and meet the needs of your target audience.

Technology can empower banks and financial institutions providing insights into the way users think, make decisions, and interact with products and services.

Included in the prestigious FinTech 100, CRIF is the leading provider in continental Europe of banking credit information, and one of the key players worldwide providing integrated services and solutions for business & commercial information and credit & marketing management.
In the UK, CRIF provides digital services, decision & credit management solutions, predictive analytics as well as its over 20 year experience, to boost its clients' business.

Data & Insights to make confident decisions. 

Predictive analytics allow you to extract information from existing data in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. New methodologies, such as machine learning and genetic algorithms to solve problems and find indicators or evolutionary neural networks, and the availability of unstructured, social network, behavioural data and real time open banking data are used to optimise the relationship between information and ultimately to design highly personalise services.

The application of knowledge discovery and data mining through the use of link analysis and neural networks enables the identification, analysis and visualisation of data patterns; embracing intelligent technology to auto learn and inform processes.

This is where CRIF digital and analytical solutions come into play, helping you understand your target audience, extract insights from your data, and accelerate your business decision process.

Discover the best solutions for your needs:

Business & Credit Process Management

Balancing continuously changing demands, while providing a better service, quicker responses, improved results and more control, calls for an innovative and agile solution.

Enrich your SME product portfolio & increase your revenue streams

CRIF provide tools to increase customer loyalty, add value and provide innovative services to SME customers with our direct to SME products. Best in class, and provided on scalable architecture and delivered to CRIF standards, support and be seen to support small and medium businesses succeed.

Embrace digital transformation and unlock open banking opportunities

Embracing open banking and digital transformation means financial insitutions can give their customers a highly connected and personalised experience. The buying experience can be transformed with many manual processes replaced seamlessly with automation.

Enabling a fully digital insurance product proposition

Digital Booster enables banks to diversify their offerings in order to attract and service new types of customer with innovative on-demand insurance products, allowing customers to instantly purchase cover, whenever they need it, for as long as they need it.


  • London, 14 March 2022

    CRIF works with RSA to strengthen pet insurance fraud detection

    CRIF Decision Solutions [CRIF] has announced that it is providing RSA Insurance [RSA] with a suite of pet insurance solutions to strengthen its pet insurance fraud detection and reduce the cost of fraudulent pet claims. 

  • 10 March 2022

    FLY NOW PAY LATER chooses CRIF for its open banking risk assessment

    Fly Now Pay Later wanted to introduce a faster, smoother way of evaluating travelers’ credit applications and were looking for a strong partnership to develop its business starting from Germany, but aiming to expand this service to other European countries in the future.

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  • Novotel London West, 29 June 2022

    CRIF exhibits at Banking Transformation Summit 2022

    Banking Transformation Summit 2022 will highlight what internal and external factors are going to disrupt the banking sector. It will be a great oppotunity to present CRIF digital and open banking solutions and answer the most pressing industry questions as well as network with colleagues and peers from the banking industry.

  • The Waldorf Hilton, London, 25-26 May 2022

    CRIF at the Digital Transformation in Insurance Conference 2022

    CRIF will be a co-partner of the 2022 Digital Transformation in Insurance Conference, held in London on 25th-26th May. The two-day conference will address a variety of industry topics and provide insights into how the insurance industry can excel in customer engagement.

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