Embrace digital transformation and unlock open banking opportunities


Embracing open banking and digital transformation means financial insitutions can give their customers a highly connected and personalised experience. The buying experience can be transformed with many manual processes replaced seamlessly with automation.

Armed with real time data and digital insights banks can rapidly understand the risk and provide the customer with the right credit product at the right price.
New levels of ongoing customer engagement can be achieved through insurer collaboration with ecosystem partners and the offer of tailored and innovative added-value services, at the right time for the customer with the right fit for their lifestyle.

Credit Passport, unlock open banking opportunities.

Thanks to its sister company CRIF Real Time, which is AISP certified in 31 countries, CRIF is able to offer insurers and brokers an innovative approach to commercial insurance. By leveraging access to and sharing banking data, CRIF will help you build services that are more targeted to the needs of your SME clients, and add a new dimension of value to your insurance propositions.

Digital Booster, End-to-end Digital Insurance Solution

Built for multi-products and designed to provide cross-selling opportunities, Digital Booster can help insurers, brokers, and banks boost any business by digitalising its offering and accelerating the digital distribution of new on-demand and pay-per-use cover.

N.E.O.S. CRIF New Evolution Open Suite

N.E.O.S. is an “as-a-service” suite of solutions, designed to improve the creditworthiness evaluation and seize relationship development opportunities within a credit and/or verification process (digital or non-digital) through the sophisticated use of PSD2 data.

CRIF Studio

CRIF Studio enables smart and fast testing of the added-value of the CRIF Group’s information assets as well as the combination of various data sources, thus saving time on model analysis, development and implementation in compliance with the highest data protection and privacy standards.

Business Financial Manager and Personal Financial Manager

A true digital advisor for consumers and SMEs. Personal financial manager (PFM) and Business financial manager (BFM) allow financial services providers to create highly personalised customer experiences and drive revenues and retention.

PHYON. CRIF’s solution for Phygital Onboarding

PHYON is CRIF’s solution for Phygital Onboarding processes, supporting companies that want to interact remotely with their existing customers and prospects to perform sales processes through user-friendly and efficient digital channels, reducing process completion times and friction points for the user.