Enrich your SME product portfolio & increase your revenue streams

SMEs are backbone of modern economies. CRIF provide tools to increase customer loyalty, add value and provide innovative services to SME customers with our direct to SME products, available as integrated or reseller solutions.

Best in class, and provided on scalable architecture and delivered to CRIF standards, support and be seen to support small and medium businesses succeed.

By transforming today's complexities and challenges into concrete development opportunities, CRIF offers small and medium enterprises invaluable strategic and operational support for all phases of credit and marketing management, thanks to a range of integrated information solutions and tools that are unique in the market in terms of technology, know-how and performance. 

Credit Passport, unlock open banking opportunities.

Thanks to its sister company CRIF Real Time, which is AISP certified in 31 countries, CRIF is able to offer insurers and brokers an innovative approach to commercial insurance. By leveraging access to and sharing banking data, CRIF will help you build services that are more targeted to the needs of your SME clients, and add a new dimension of value to your insurance propositions.

StrategyOne. CRIF Decision Management Solution

CRIF’s user-friendly decision management solution for automated business decisions that leverages data and analytics. Release your organisation from the inflexibility and high costs of having hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems and embrace an enterprise decision management approach and technology that empowers business users. 

CreditFlow. Business & Credit Process Management

End-to-end, configurable and agile credit process management with CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM) from CRIF. Balancing continuously changing demands, while providing better service, quicker responses, improved results and more control calls for an innovative and agile solution like CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM), which transforms a slow, rigid and unenforceable credit process to an automated, paperless and governable end-to-end process.