Cyber Risk Screening

Cyber security and data breaches are an immediate concern for organisations of all sizes, which deal with a considerable volume of sensitive information.

Phishing, data breaches, ransomware and supply chain compromise are increasing trends.

Every business relies on numerous types of data, including personal, customer, financial and commercial information. A data breach or cyber attack can cause business and reputational damage, as well as regulatory and compliance issues. Losing money, customers and competitive advantage due to an unexpected interruption of trading and activities could seriously jeopardise the future of the business itself.

CRIF’s goal is to help make cyber risk management accessible to any business across all sectors and industries, placing screening at the heart of the organisation to:cyber-check

  • protect your business
  • protect your brand reputation
  • support GDPR compliance. 

CYBER CHECK powered by KYND easy to use. A cost effective proactive response to cyber risk management.

Take risk under control and prioritise actions to take based on risk exposure and severity:

  • Cyber Check performs immediate screening and provides a report detailing the company’s cyber risk exposure
  • The service is quick and easy to use and IT expertise is not required.
  • The system is non-invasive, requiring only the company domain name and responses to a short set of questions in order to perform the cyber risk screening. 
  • The intuitive report, written in simple business language, is delivered using the universal traffic light system, ‘red, amber, green’, to indicate risk severity.

Would you like to manage cyber risk in 4 simple steps?

1. Enter your domain name and answer a few questions
2. After the screening, check the report
3. Clearly and quickly see any cyber risks affecting your organisation
4. Take action and plan to fix them immediately.

Available as a one-off assessment or regular monitoring, Cyber Check (powered by KYND’s cyber risk technology) undertakes immediate screening and instantly provides a report detailing the organisation’s cyber risk exposure and vulnerabilities, helping law firms and legal practices take immediate action to proactively manage cyber risk. The service is quick and easy to use, and IT expertise is not required. Risk exposure and severity is immediately clear, and the user can prioritise the actions to be taken.

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FAQs on Cyber Risk


Look at the most commonly asked questions in relation to Cyber Risk to understand why and how you can strengthen your cyber risk management.
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CRIF has recently enriched its risk management solutions with CYBER CHECK, a product powered by KYND, to help businesses understand their cyber risks and mitigate them. CRIF is a major investor of KYND, a pioneering cyber risk management company headquartered in London and founded in February 2018.

Claims Portal

CRIF Decision Solution is the technology partner for the development and hosting of the Claims Portal. The Claims Portal is a stakeholder solution designed to meet the needs of users by providing them with a safe and secure electronic means of communication and the Ministry of Justice has mandated that personal injury claims falling within the scope of the pre-action protocols must be processed using the Claims Portal.