Risk Management & Business Intelligence

Organisations looking for the highest quality business information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth.
CRIF has established a new approach to business information using on a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised. This means the creation of an ecosystem where data are linked to each other and can be transformed into information specific to different evaluation processes.

Highly predictive Credit Reports

The right credit decision can make or break a small business. CRIF Credit Reports provide you with some of the most highly predictive Credit Scores in Ireland and worldwide. CRIF Credit Reports use the very latest technology along with the key critical risk factors facing businesses today, to continually monitor and evaluate every score every day.

Why CRIF Credit Reports?

Powerfully accurate, built with real-time data using the latest credit scoring model in Ireland and in the world.
Chasing poor-paying credit customers can be an expensive, time consuming and slow task. Let us show you the repayment history of any business as you extend credit and make decisions with confidence, safe in the knowledge your invoices will be paid on-time, in full.

Over 300 factors are analysed every day on every company.

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ID Check

From a wealth of powerful data, an easy to understand identity verification and risk assessment report is produced. Combining a brief results summary with a detailed granular report, ID Check delivers identity verification tools which are both user-friendly and highly informative as well as a corresponding score.