Cyber Risk Screening

More and more businesses are reliant on online services. Whether it is emailing customers, browsing the internet or paying suppliers, companies are digitally connected. However, having a digital presence exposes every business of every size and in every sector to multiple cyber threats.

Cyber risk is now a major threat to businesses.

A data breach or cyber attack causes business and reputational damage, as well as regulatory and compliance issues. Losing money, customers and your competitive advantage due to an unexpected interruption of trading and activities could seriously jeopardise the future of the business itself. Because every business relies on numerous types of data, including personal, customer, financial and commercial information.
By combining KYND’s pioneering cyber risk management technology and our expertise, CRIF is able to support every business player that operates online to manage cyber risk. With continuous screening, and simple-to-understand output, it gives business managers, owners and professionals the expert knowledge to easily assess and monitor cyber risk, highlight vulnerabilities, and help them take immediate action to stop cyber risk exposure and protect the company before any business interruption or attack actually occurs.

Cyber risk is much more than just hacking and it involves internal and external risks, product risk, third-party risk and aggregations risk, such as service provider and supplier failure, human errors, software obsolescence, and upstream internet and network interruptions.
With CYBER CHECK powered by KYND™, you can shift your mindset and build fully operational cyber risk prevention and response plans.
Helping protect your business and your most valuable assets from cyber risks simple easy-to-use and cost-effective cyber risk management solution.


  • Applicable to any type of business
    It is a cyber risk management product that can be applied to any business, any company size and any
  • Simple and friendly – no jargon
    Unlike other products on the market, you don’t need to be an IT guru to understand cyber risk. It keeps everything simple with no jargon. It provides a simple and concise summary of the cyber risk screening results.
  • Easy-to-use
    It is easy. Simply enter your domain name and your cyber risks are revealed, more importantly it lets you know how to fix them.
  • Non-Invasive
    It doesn’t need you to fill out long questionnaires, have lengthy conversations with consultants or provide access to networks and systems to identify cyber risks.
  • Instant Results
    As soon as you enter your domain name, it begins working and the report is generated. Through a traffic light system - red, amber, green - your risk exposure will be immediately clear and you can quickly prioritise actions.
  • Economically viable
    It will help small and medium business owners understand the cyber risks they face without the need for specialist knowledge. It will simplify complex cyber risks facing larger companies so that non-specialist directors can be actively engaged and in control.

1. Enter your domain name and answer a few questions
2. After the screening, check the report
3. Clearly and quickly see any cyber risks affecting your business
4. Take action and plan to fix them immediately.

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CRIF has recently enriched its risk management solutions with CYBER CHECK, a product powered by KYND, to help businesses understand their cyber risks and mitigate them. CRIF is a major investor of KYND, a pioneering cyber risk management company headquartered in London and founded in February 2018.