Identity Verification Services

A wide range of electronic tools to help solicitors know their customers better. Faster customer validation processes by checking the identity of an individual and having a comprehensive view of their personal profile.

Know Your Customer

Identity verification solutions can represent a powerful control for the claims industry, but this counter fraud tool is not always being implemented to best strategic effect. A premium identity verification service provide users with far more than confirmation of identity. It builds a profile and framework surrounding the subject in question to include previous linked addresses and identities, credit bureau profiles, together with previous personal lines claims history, to include behaviours and historic insurer relationships. This wealth of information is invaluable when considering liability fraud and can assist in the identification of organised fraud rings.
Solicitors can equally extend the remit to include an anti-money laundering check where relevant. From an operational perspective, a premium service should be both web accessible and simple to integrate into back office legacy systems and software house platforms; it also is swift and simple to use - requiring no user training, and be easily incorporated into business processes and workflow.

How to perform ID verification checks

The identity verification landscape is interesting. Both the insurance and legal sectors acknowledge the need to ‘know your customer’ and control risk when managing a claim or onboarding a new customer. Unfortunately, there are those operating in the claims market that still see ID verification as a tactical, box ticking exercise.
These organisations continue to opt for the sub-standard, under sold services available. This, in turn, means they significantly restrict their holistic view of the claimant or customer and in doing so are more vulnerable to fraud or becoming an agent of fraud.

Forward thinking organisations in the claims industry are recognising the need to mirror the sophistication and maturity of their ever evolving fraud opponents. They apply the most comprehensive identity verification solution available to weed out the liability fraudsters and fast track the genuine claimants. By seizing this opportunity they protect their bottom line and their reputation and the fraudsters, who we know seek to exploit the weakest links, will target those competitors with sub-standard controls. 

UK Business Information & Company Searches

Reports and documents on every Company, Director and Business in Ireland, and in the UK. Professionals looking for the highest quality company information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth. CRIF has established a new approach to business information using a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised.

ID Check

From a wealth of powerful data, an easy to understand identity verification and risk assessment report is produced. Combining a brief results summary with a detailed granular report, ID Check delivers identity verification tools which are both user-friendly and highly informative as well as a corresponding score.

AML Check

​Quick and user-friendly solution aimed at enabling insurers and legal representatives to screen the personal details of an individual and validate their identity against multiple sources to manage business risks, confidently conduct due diligence for anti-money laundering purposes and effectively prevent fraud. 

Vehicle Check

A real-time vehicle verification service which provides vehicle lookup data from different sources supporting insurers in identifying possible hidden issues affecting the vehicle. 

Vehicle Keeper Check

Helping insurance companies to quickly identify the vehicle keeper as well as collect key information about the history of vehicle keepers.


CYBER CHECK powered by KYND is simple and easy to use. A cost effective proactive response to cyber risk management. CRIF’s goal is to help make cyber risk management accessible to any business across all sectors and industries to protect your business and support GDPR compliance.