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Webinar: FinTech Meets InsurTech

How can banks and insurance companies empower their SME customers?

- How partnerships between banks and insurance companies have the potential to unlock huge value in the SME market segment.
- How insurance products can meet the top priorities of SME owners in today's rapidly changing world.
- Potential use cases of this innovative value proposition.

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  • London, 25 March 2021

    What is this the future of InsurTech?

    Interview with Sara Costantini, Managing Director of CRIF Decision Solutions.
    The insurance landscape is quickly evolving due to the impact of COVID-19. Now more than ever, the insurance industry needs to reconnect and re-engage with its customers in a way that is truly relevant and adds value. The customer experience should be highly individual and business centric, encouraging the creation of a long-term partnership. 

  • Paris, Boston & London, 16 February, 2021

    Shift Technology and CRIF Collaborate in the Fight Against Insurance Fraud

    MIB CUE Members Will Be Able to Access Fraud Intelligence Data from CRIF’s Sherlock Service To Strengthen Shift Claims Fraud Detection Analysis. Shift Technology today announced it has collaborated with CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd.

  • Dublin, 10 February 2021

    Interview with Sara Costantini on the Business Barometer: Annual Review 2021. Insights, vision and business impacts.

    The 'Business Barometer: Annual Review 2021' highlights the impact of the pandemic on the Irish economy over the past twelve months. Statistics collated and analysed by CRIF Vision-net paints a picture of the business environment in Ireland at the moment as well as what to expect going forward. Sara Costantini, Regional UK & Ireland Director, provides her view on the future business landscape in both the UK and Ireland.

  • Dublin, Ireland & Bologna, Italy, 27 January 2021 bolsters market position with CRIF partnership today announced a strategic alliance with CRIF S.p.A’s Skyminder services. will further strengthen its proposition with the integration of CRIF’s services, which give access to in-depth credit, financial and business information on over 230 million companies all over the world.

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