INSURANCE POST WEBINARS | First impressions last: How to balance human touch and technology with smarter onboarding

The past year has seen businesses having to evolve and adapt as their customers spend more time at home. This includes onboarding new customers and is increasingly done either wholly or in part digitally.

In this webinar brought to you by Insurance Post and CRIF Decision Solutions we explore how to optimise this first contact with a new customers; to make the onboarding as smooth and engaging as possible, by removing duplication of information requests and the use of digital technology to put less onus on policyholders inputting data incorrectly.


Luca Firrito, CRIF Programme Manager, together with Zurich and Marmalade Insurance.


Topics covered:

  • Onboarding sets the tone of an insurer/broker/customer relationship, what can be done to make a great first impression?
  • In the past year how have insurers and brokers adapted their policyholder onboarding?
  • What external data sources/digital tools can you bring to the onboarding process to help ease the amount of information customers need to input?
  • Digital onboarding is not for everyone, how can you marry physical and digital to offer a solution to someone who does not want to do everything online/on mobile?
  • How can onboarding reduce the risk of fraud, by allowing greater validation checks someone is who they say they are?
  • How can human-centric technology provide a smarter onboarding experience? 

Watch it on-demand: