Roundtable Event in collaboration with Insurance POST: Engaging with affinity partners and their customers

How are insurers and brokers creating the right eco-systems to facilitate a win-win for all?

The affinity space continues to attract headlines from both new entrants such as WHSmith, whilst others such as John Lewis have extended partnerships in order to create deeper, long-term relationships.

But whilst in store/branch leaflets and mailshots might have been previously been successful in attracting customers to take out motor or household cover through a trusted non-insurance brand, this distribution is evolving as the High Street loses the footfall it once had; and new challenger brands from banks to retailers gain traction.

As this distribution evolves, insurers and brokers looking to tie up with brands and affinity partnerships must become better at identifying and matching their insurance offerings with the demands of any groups/affinities they are selling too. Which might include cover for both their personal and business needs given the explosion in gig-economy/freelancing in recent years.

This means creating eco-systems that are fit for purpose and able to assimilate information and data about a brand/affinity’s customer base, and then meeting these group’s insurance/protection needs with tailored products rather than off-the-peg options.

Against this backdrop Insurance Post would like to invite you to an exclusive roundtable event at which a specially selected group - including both affinity providers and affinity customers -  will discuss a number of key topics linked to this, including:

  • How can insurers/brokers work with third party brands to personalise and tailor insurance better to an affinity/brand partner’s client base?
  • What do both parties need to consider when choosing partners - and what makes a successful partnership? Has this changed?
  • What flexibility is there with insurers/brokers when it comes to adapting insurance products to new and growing customer segments such as millennials/over 60s/gig economy brands?
  • How can insurers/brokers better work with affinity/brand partners to help them launch insurance offerings quicker and at scale?
  • What do affinity players need to do differently to make themselves attractive to online and digital native challengers?
  • How are the more traditional brands with brick and mortar infrastructure seeking to adapt their insurance/financial services offerings; and how can insurers/brokers help them?
  • What does a successful insurance/affinity partner eco-system look like and do all parties work together to produce the win-win result mentioned above?