CRIF at Insurance Innovators: Fraud & Claims 2022

CRIF will attend the Insurance Innovators Fraud & Claims 2022 edition to network with the main industry players and explore the unprecedented digitalisation generated by the pandemic, how rapidly customer expectations are evolving and how fraudulent behaviours have transformed.

Defining the future of fraud and claims strategies will involve 4 main pillars:

  • Combatting the digital fraudster: how industry leaders are leveraging analytics and advanced technologies to equip themselves and fight new sophisticated types of fraud generated by the digital space.

  • Optimising analytics: when fraudulent behaviours and technologies are rapidly evolving, building an adaptive analytics strategy is key to success.

  • The future of digital claims: what’s next for the claims experience? eFNoL, ecosystems, data sharing and investment decisions.

  • Managing the human + digital dynamic: RPA, AI, chatbot, and human agents. Achieving operational excellence and delivering fantastic customer experience means finding the place for all four.