CRIF partners with Eclipse to strengthen verification services for the legal profession

CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd., in partnership with Eclipse Legal Systems, a market-leading legal software solutions provider, is pleased to announce integration with a new-to-market ID and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks for the legal profession. Eclipse is the very first legal software vendor to have partnered with CRIF and its new online verification services.
CRIF’s verification services enable users to have real-time access to a content-rich source of consumer intelligence data including 40 million records, 35 million linked addresses as well as vehicle identification information thanks to partnerships with HPI and Tracesmart. 
This new integration between Eclipse's Proclaim Case, Matter, Practice and Process Management systems will enable users to request 'one click' ID and AML checks, directly from the Proclaim user desktop.  Users will select the type of search required (ID or AML) and upon entering details of the search subject on a single search screen, search results are returned directly to Proclaim - embedded within relevant client fields and the file history.
Tracy Blencowe, Business Solutions Director at Eclipse, comments:
"Compliance, risk management and diligence are top of the list for the legal sector at the moment.  As part of any client inception process, reliable and accurate ID and AML checking must be carried out.  But for busy lawyers to accept this into their processes, the activity needs to be simple, reliable and user-friendly.  By integrating seamless ID and AML checks directly into the Proclaim desktop - and any inception workflow procedures - we are providing our lawyer clients with an excellent solution to the 'Know Your Client' problem."
Sara Costantini, Director at CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd., adds:
“We have partnered with Eclipse Legal Systems to bring together a diverse set of skills and to implement end-to-end integration of our verification services in order to take on some of the most pressing market challenges. By leveraging Eclipse’s solid experience in the legal sector and its ability to quickly and effectively integrate external data sources, we have successfully created a fast optimised mechanism to generate smart desktop-integrated reports”.

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