CRIF solution included in New Tech: Digital Insurance Platform Providers, Q2 2021 report by Independent Research Firm

CRIF is delighted to announce that it has been included in Forrester’s New Tech: Digital Insurance Platform Providers, Q2 2021, a landscape overview of 25 vendors.

“With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, CRIF provides insurance companies with digital solutions, information services, and consumer profiling to support digital transformation, decision management, and fraud prevention,” commented Sara Costantini, Director at CRIF Decision Solutions.

Our end-to-end insurance platform matches the evolving needs of today’s customers and creates a highly engaging and seamless insurance experience built around connectivity. Marketing, distribution, customer care, and claims management, all in one place to enable insurers and distributors to go digital quickly and streamline upselling and cross-selling. Innovation is always at the core of our business, and I strongly believe it to be one of the key drivers to success now and in the future of our clients.”

According to Forrester’s definition, digital insurance platforms (DIPs) are defined as “cloud-native solutions that run front-end or core business applications and services that enable insurers to digitize their customer, agency, and ecosystem partner experiences.” (New Tech: Digital Insurance Platform Providers, Q2 2021).

This is CRIF’s third recognition by Forrester. CRIF was also cited in Forrester’s Now Tech: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q3 2020 for Digital Decisioning Platform (DDP) providers, and as a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020.

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