New article | Pandemic Pets and Insurance

CRIF has analysed what changed in the pet industry in 2021 and how the pandemic triggered some of these changes.

The pandemic has seen many new trends arise in the pet industry, such as a high demand for pets, new types of fraud, digital start-ups seeking to break into the market and a low number of pet cover. Demand for pets has grown exponentially through lockdown. Numerous charities have reported higher rates of pet adoption and shortages in adoptable pets since the start of the pandemic.

The pandemic environment has also given rise to a surge in claims, particularly related to pets swallowing foreign objects. This may be a result of home working where more objects are scattered around and a potential temptation, plus owners working from home are more likely to witness their pet getting into difficulty and seeking veterinary assistance.

Learn more about new trends in the pet industry, impacts on claim costs and pet cover, and how can you enhance your anti-fraud and marketing strategies.

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