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    SURVEY: Commercial insurance fraud, it’s time to catch up

    Closing the gap between the commercial and personal lines insurance sectors in the battle against fraud. The results of the recent Commercial Insurance Fraud Survey commissioned by CRIF Decision Solutions in partnership with POST have made interesting reading. What can be done now and where are the future priorities? 

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    The evolution of Healthcare Insurance Fraud

    The UK private healthcare market is expected to grow by 2.8% per annum to 2025 according to Persistence Market Research. This growth opportunity is attracting new healthcare insurance entrants to the market. Learn more about recent fraud trends and cases. 

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    Countering Fraud in the New ‘Micro-Duration’ Insurance Space

    Insurers have to embrace new business models and enhance digital user experience to approach new generations and Millennials.

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    Support as the GDPR Environment Unfolds

    Significant concerns about the new regulation are being raised in the insurance industry and organisations have yet to begin to properly prepare for the new regulatory environment.

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    Of the 17 million dogs and cats owned by households in the UK, only 3.9 million are covered by pet insurance

    This low penetration represents significant opportunities within the pet insurance sector which grew by 11.8% in 2014 (according to Timetric) driven by increases in the cost of veterinary treatment and improved public awareness of the benefits of cover. The ABI reported that in 2016 insurers paid out a record £706 million in pet insurance claims– the equivalent of over £1.8 million and 2,500 claims every day.

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    The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

    The integrity of the legal and financial services marketplace depends heavily on the perception that they function within a framework of high legal, professional and ethical standards. Law firms and insurers build their businesses around their reputation for integrity. Learn more about how to conduct appropriate customer due diligence.

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    NIHL claims increased by 189% between 2011 and 2014

    The cost for the industry was estimated at around £360M. It is widely accepted that the increased volume of NIHL claims is a result of the shift in focus of claims management companies and professionals who are looking to replace revenue lost from pursuing RTA whiplash claims following regulatory change The ABI and the industry are seeking regulatory change to improve this challenging situation. But in the meantime, what can insurers do to detect fraudulent NHIL claims?

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    Driverless Cars: Embracing Change

    Cars are set to become increasingly connected and technology is steadily advancing from semi-autonomous vehicles to fully autonomous or driverless vehicles. What responsibilities do the driver and the vehicle manufacturer have in the event of an accident? How is liability determined if the driver has the ability to over-ride the computer? What if the autonomous car has an accident with a conventional car?

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    The future of risk scoring

    The ability to integrate and apply this intelligence as necessary will differentiate insurers within their chosen markets going forward, supporting their drive to build profitable books of business and deliver tailored quotes and service to their customers.

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    What are the top 4 claims fraud indicators?

    To maximise the detection capabilities of fraud indicators, insurers can enrich the data sources using their internal data with external data sources. There are numerous data sources available to integrate with the solution, both open source and via industry bodies and commercial data providers. These can cover, but are not limited to, insurance customer history, socio-demographic, geographic, vehicle, and credit information.

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    Challenging Times: Protecting Revenues in the Legal Profession

    The legal sector is experiencing an unprecedented period of change, is increasingly over supplied and faces further regulatory pressures. But there are a number of internet based ID Validation and AML services available to the legal sector.

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    What are the fraud typologies used to achieve lower property insurance premiums?

    The opportunities for misrepresentation are many and whilst insurers are clear that the majority of insurance consumers are genuine, the need to protect their bottom line and their honest policyholders from the financial impact of fraud necessitates a forensic approach to policy applications.

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    What are the Top 5 pitfalls at point of quote?

    To outperform the competition, insurers need the technical ability to process point of quote and sale data and the vision to prioritise the data they wish to mine and how it should be used. Learn more about how to use data to gain a competitive advantage at the point of quote.

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