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Trends, challenges, opportunities and growth drivers for the UK pet insurance market in 2020. Check out the infographic

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    Growth Drivers and Challenges in the 2020 Pet Insurance market

    As ABI figures reveal, over the past 10 years, the average claim has increased by 75%, whilst the average premium has only increased by 50%. Would you like to know how insurers can boost their performance and profitably grow their market share? Learn more about growth drivers and challenges in the 2020 pet insurance market.

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    What are the key requirements of 5MLD affecting the legal sector?

    Money laundering is one of the nine priority risks for the legal profession in the Solicitors Regulation Authority Annual Risk Outlook and an SRA review in October 2019 showed that a fifth of law firms fail on money laundering compliance. How can law frims quickly and easily fulfil obligations?

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    Managing Increased Cyber Security Risks Due To Coronavirus

    A major global event like coronavirus presents increased cyber and data security risks as cyber criminals develop tactics to opportunistically profit from the emerging environment and the large numbers of organisations adopting home working policies. Discover the key steps and tools to help mitigate the increased cyber risk.

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    Banks & insurers in the digital era

    Nowadays banks have reduced their branch networks both as a cost cutting exercise and because many customers no longer wanted to physically visit the bank to carry out their banking. How can banks and insurers effectively partner in the digital era?

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    General Data Protection Regulation & Cyber Risk

    General Data Protection Regulation, a year on. The GDPR was generated to give people control of their personal data and create a high, uniform level of data protection across the EU that's ‘fit for today’s digital age’. What about compliance, data protection and risks?

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    SURVEY: SMEs & Cyber Risk – A ticking time bomb?

    Why are SMEs and their insurance providers and brokers not assessing their propensity to cyber risk? 
    The recent SME Insurance Risk Survey commissioned by CRIF Decision Solutions in partnership with POST has revealed some surprising findings.  The survey was completed by composite and specialist insurers, MGAs and brokers, operating in the SME sector. Read more

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    What are the 5 most common types of identity theft?

    Identity fraud continues to rise in the UK, hitting an all-time high of 174,523 cases in 2017. According to the latest report by fraud prevention service Cifas, 95% of these cases involved the impersonation of an innocent victim and 8 out of 10 fraudulent applications were made online. Research by virtual private network comparison site revealed that fraudsters operating on the dark web could buy a person's entire identity for just £820.

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    How can organisations minimise their exposure to warranty fraud?

    Fraudulent warranty claims can account for up to 15% of overall warranty costs and can cause businesses to lose up to 5% of their annual revenue. What are the top 5 warranty management vulnerabilities?

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    The evolving landscape of cyber risk

    Cyber risk continues to evolve at speed, but as a relatively new risk there is very little data available to build defences against emerging trends (intellectual property, IoT). What are some of the new emerging threats to UK businesses?

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    SURVEY: Commercial insurance fraud, it’s time to catch up

    Closing the gap between the commercial and personal lines insurance sectors in the battle against fraud. The results of the recent Commercial Insurance Fraud Survey commissioned by CRIF Decision Solutions in partnership with POST have made interesting reading. What can be done now and where are the future priorities? 

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    The evolution of Healthcare Insurance Fraud

    The UK private healthcare market is expected to grow by 2.8% per annum to 2025 according to Persistence Market Research. This growth opportunity is attracting new healthcare insurance entrants to the market. Learn more about recent fraud trends and cases. 

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    Countering Fraud in the New ‘Micro-Duration’ Insurance Space

    Insurers have to embrace new business models and enhance digital user experience to approach new generations and Millennials.

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    Support as the GDPR Environment Unfolds

    Significant concerns about the new regulation are being raised in the insurance industry and organisations have yet to begin to properly prepare for the new regulatory environment.

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    Of the 17 million dogs and cats owned by households in the UK, only 3.9 million are covered by pet insurance

    This low penetration represents significant opportunities within the pet insurance sector which grew by 11.8% in 2014 (according to Timetric) driven by increases in the cost of veterinary treatment and improved public awareness of the benefits of cover. The ABI reported that in 2016 insurers paid out a record £706 million in pet insurance claims– the equivalent of over £1.8 million and 2,500 claims every day.

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    The Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive

    The integrity of the legal and financial services marketplace depends heavily on the perception that they function within a framework of high legal, professional and ethical standards. Law firms and insurers build their businesses around their reputation for integrity. Learn more about how to conduct appropriate customer due diligence.

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