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SPOTLIGHT | A to Z Insurance Fraud Guide

How can insurers mitigate fraud now and in the future?

Economic hardship is a recognised catalyst for increased cases of insurance fraud. The 2007-09 recession saw fraudulent insurance claims rise 17% in one year. The UK is currently seeing its worst economic crisis in over 300 years; COVID has resulted in many households losing their income and businesses suffering financial losses. 

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SPOTLIGHT | SME Risk Management & Assessment

How can insurers and brokers leverage the latest risk evaluation intelligence to quickly assess SME risks and price cover during, but especially after, the pandemic?

Restarting, stabilising, and adapting to a new supply-demand landscape is likely to be a top priority for most insurance providers. This will bring real challenges for many, as they try to adapt to new workflows, staffing capacity, credit flows, remote working and regulatory obligations, while at the same time attempting to balance the books.

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SPOTLIGHT | Rebuilding trust among SMEs using open banking

In October 2015, the European Parliament adopted a revised Payment Services Directive, known as PSD2, with the aims of promoting the development and use of online and mobile payments through Open Banking.
In the UK the Directive came into force on the 13th January 2018 using standards and systems created by Open Banking Limited, a non-profit created especially for the task.

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    Combating fraud through identity verification

    Insurers continue to invest in the latest counter fraud solutions and controls as technology advances, helping them to keep pace with the evolving methodologies used by fraudsters. Keep reading to learn more about how to know your customer even better and how to perform optimal customer onboarding.

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    ESG & Supply Chain Risks

    New ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) legislation came into force on 6 April 2022 enshrining the previously voluntary regulations created by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and affects over 1,300 of the UK’s largest traded companies, including banks and insurers. What does this mean for insurance companies and business?

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    Pandemic Pets and Insurance

    The pandemic has seen many new trends arise in the pet industry. Demand for pets has grown exponentially through lockdown. Numerous charities have reported higher rates of pet adoption and shortages in adoptable pets since the start of the pandemic. We have analysed what changed in the pet industry in 2021 and how the pandemic triggered some of these changes. Keep reading to discover more about some interesting trends and figures.

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    Your guide to underwriting and claims insurance fraud

    The insurance industry provides essential products and services that help consumers manage their everyday financial risk – a role that is more important than ever in the current economic climate. The pandemic has meant that businesses have needed to focus on flexing their infrastructure to effectively deliver services via remote working models and frequently adapt their processes to reflect the rapidly changing operating environment. This has had a significant impact on the availability of time and resources to detect and prevent insurance fraud. As claims and fraud teams have lost their normal infrastructure, the ability to share information and carry out normal checks and controls virtually and consistently has become even more vital to offset vulnerabilities. Learn more about fraud trends and impacts, and especially new tools.

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    Making a great first impression

    How do insurers and brokers swiftly and easily identify digital customers? It is more and more difficult for insurance providers and brokers to create meaningful connections, generate engagement and build long lasting customer relationships in a digital world, where customer expectations of speed, personalisation and convenience continue to become ever more sophisticated. How do they swiftly and easily identify those customers who are not what they seem and are purchasing insurance with the intention of making fraudulent claims, taking into consideration the volume of quotes they handle on a daily basis?

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    Rise of the Pandemic Fraudster

    On one side, the pandemic has meant businesses have needed to focus on flexing their infrastructure to effectively deliver services via remote working models, significantly impacting on the availability of time and resource to detect and prevent insurance fraud. On the other side, looking at recent figures, insurance claims fraud is on the increase.

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    The golden age of data in financial services

    Opportunities for banks and insurers are now almost unlimited and the use of data will be a strong differentiator in the future competitiveness of financial institutions. Whilst the uptake is slow in some markets due to the need to develop consumer confidence in data sharing, Open Banking is already evolving into Open Finance, like in the UK, as the roll-out of APIs and the availability of data is extended to additional products and services.

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    Trends, challenges, opportunities and growth drivers for the UK pet insurance market in 2021.

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    The Customer Of The Future

    Insurers and insurance distributors are seeking new ways to re-engage with customers across all lines of business in order to not only demonstrate their relevance and value now, but equally importantly for the post-Covid environment. A key indicator of how well an insurer or distributor might perform post-pandemic will be the degree to which they embrace digital tools as a way to run their business, as well as to interact with customers. What are digital consumer expectations?

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    FinTech Meets InsurTech: An Unprecedented Alliance in SME Financial Services

    Strategic partnerships have proven to be one of the best ways to overcome the challenges of the current global economy and bring innovative solutions to the market. In fact, in the tech space, many firms around the world are joining forces and combining their expertise to develop truly disruptive products and services.

    Topics covered include:

    • What makes ‘bancassurance’ a lucrative proposition?
    • How partnerships between banks and insurance companies have the potential to unlock huge value in the SME market segment.
    • How insurance products can meet the top priorities of SME owners in today's rapidly changing world.
    • Potential use cases of this innovative value proposition.
    Bringing a new insurance proposition to life (usage-based insurance products, such as on-demand, pay-per-click or pay-per-use cover).

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    Your SME Playbook

    Pre-crisis data won’t be sufficient for evaluating your SME clients. But organisations can leverage the latest risk evaluation intelligence to gauge SME risks quickly and price cover in a more uncertain post-Covid environment.

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    Growth Drivers and Challenges in the 2020 Pet Insurance market

    As ABI figures reveal, over the past 10 years, the average claim has increased by 75%, whilst the average premium has only increased by 50%. Would you like to know how insurers can boost their performance and profitably grow their market share? Learn more about growth drivers and challenges in the 2020 pet insurance market.

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    What are the key requirements of 5MLD affecting the legal sector?

    Money laundering is one of the nine priority risks for the legal profession in the Solicitors Regulation Authority Annual Risk Outlook and an SRA review in October 2019 showed that a fifth of law firms fail on money laundering compliance. How can law frims quickly and easily fulfil obligations?

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    Managing Increased Cyber Security Risks Due To Coronavirus

    A major global event like coronavirus presents increased cyber and data security risks as cyber criminals develop tactics to opportunistically profit from the emerging environment and the large numbers of organisations adopting home working policies. Discover the key steps and tools to help mitigate the increased cyber risk.

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    Banks & insurers in the digital era

    Nowadays banks have reduced their branch networks both as a cost cutting exercise and because many customers no longer wanted to physically visit the bank to carry out their banking. How can banks and insurers effectively partner in the digital era?

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