Pet Claims Insurance Bureau

cache-pet-claimsThe first centralised industry database for pet insurance claims, allowing insurers to manage risk more effectively.

CACHE Pet integrates easily with insurers’ back office claims systems and insurers’ in-house data. Accessible via batch, A2A or web browser, insurers will be able to populate and search the database real time or overnight batch.

What makes CACHE Pet different?

Claim anomalies, serial claimants, pre-existing conditions, non-disclosure and misrepresentation of information: while insurance companies are increasing the supply of pet healthcare policies, the opportunity for fraud is also increasing.
This is why CRIF has developed CACHE Pet. The industry database for pet insurance claims, allowing insurers to manage risk more effectively, create a claims profile and history of any claimant, enrich the claim lifecycle, reduce fraud loss, improve customer perception and insurer reputation.

Key benefits

  • Create a full claims profile of the claimant, including pet pre-existing conditions, across multiple business lines and information sources
  • Reduce claim lifecycle by fast tracking genuine claimants
  • Operational savings due to accurate and comprehensive data analysis
  • Improve customer satisfaction, supporting the genuine customer, vet and the insurer thanks to a holistic view of the pet insurance claim and the parties involved.


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