DEA is available to all Insurers and it provides significant advantages in terms of improved efficiency, time saving and administrative cost reduction.

Key benefits

  • Quick and simple to use. It minimises the amount of manual effort required to extract the relevant claims data from the CLAIMS Portal required to create and submit a PI claim to CACHE. There is no restriction on the number of users per insurer.
  • Paperless workflow. It eliminates the need to double key claims information from one system to another, and consequently reduces errors, paper and costs.
  • Streamlined process. It automates end-to-end processes in a consistent, standard manner, minimising data entry, leading to increased volumes, improved quality and time savings.


This brochure provides a complete overview of CACHE DEA service as well as related products and services designed to automating the entry of personal injury claims.

Products and Services


The CACHE PI service enables insurers to search the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register Personal Injuries database (CUE Search) and obtain a full report of the personal injury claims history of a given individual. It holds over 13.5 million personal injury insurance claims.

CACHE CRU Electronic Messaging

A unique workflow solution enabling insurers to electronically submit and receive messages to and from the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP). 

ID Check

From a wealth of powerful data, an easy to understand identity verification and risk assessment report is produced. Combining a brief results summary with a detailed granular report, ID Check delivers identity verification tools which are both user-friendly and highly informative as well as a corresponding score.