Open Banking and the PSD2 Directive enable third-party service providers to deliver highly personalised services to consumers, SMEs, financial institutions, and insurers.
Thanks to its sister company CRIF Real Time, which is AISP certified in 31 countries, CRIF is able to offer insurers and brokers an innovative approach to commercial insurance.
By leveraging access to and sharing banking data, CRIF will help you build services that are more targeted to the needs of your SME clients, and add a new dimension of value to your insurance propositions.

CRIF believes in the importance of ecosystems as a key source of growth and value. New opportunities exist for partnerships and distribution in wider cross-industry ecosystems, and new solutions are available to fully embrace open insurance.


How can banks, insurers and brokers access their SME clients’ open banking profiles?


1. Introduce Credit Passport to your SME clients. By partnering with CRIF, you can present Credit Passport to your SME clients as a co-branded complimentary service. Credit Passport is a real-time credit report used by banks, alternative lenders and comparison platforms, which provides the most accurate and current view of an SME’s credit quality.

2. SMEs join Credit Passport for free by creating an account and accepting the Privacy Statement.

3. SMEs benefit from Credit Passport thanks to free access to the Credit Passport score and COVID-19 business resource tools.

4. Insurers and brokers can access their clients’ open banking profiles, benefitting from an “augmented” knowledge of their SME clients, all PSD2 compliant, and leverage dynamic, accurate & insightful current account transactional data and credit score.

What does Credit Passport® include?

• Credit Passport allows SMEs to understand how healthy their performance is
• Ability to find out their score, for free, in less than a minute
• All information is provided in real time using real-time transactional data
• Ability to view balance and cash flows by aggregating multiple current accounts in one place
• Option for SMEs to show their credit score badge on their website to show others their financial strength
• COVID-19 business resources:

COVID-19 Liquidity Requirements Calculator shows how much additional funding they will require to stay solvent through the current crisis.
COVID-19 Pre-Crisis Credit Report for the in-depth evaluation of an SME’s credit quality on a fixed date of 1 Feb 2020, before and after any significant effects of the crisis.
COVID-19 SME Solution Finder. An interactive filter that helps SMEs cut through the text pages and see only the government schemes applicable to them.
COVID-19 Cost Reducer. An interactive filter that helps SMEs discover what schemes will allow them to save on fixed costs, such as salaries, rates, VAT etc. and how to access them.
COVID-19 SME Planning Survey. An interactive survey that provides SMEs with an area of focus based on their current situation. It also gathers anonymised industry data to feed wider sector impact intelligence.
COVID-19 Learning Centre. Articles, expert interviews, data and guidance, specially written for SMEs.

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Products and Services

PHYON. CRIF’s solution for Phygital Onboarding

PHYON is CRIF’s solution for Phygital Onboarding processes, supporting companies that want to interact remotely with their existing customers and prospects to perform sales processes through user-friendly and efficient digital channels, reducing process completion times and friction points for the user.