The digital insurance platform that accelerates and diversifies your insurance products in just a few months.

Built for multi-products and designed to provide cross-selling opportunities, Digital Booster can help insurers, brokers, and banks boost any business by digitalising its offering and accelerating the digital distribution of new on-demand and pay-per-use cover.

Digital Booster creates a highly engaging and seamless insurance experience built around connectivity.


It enables insurers, brokers, and banks to diversify their offerings in order to attract and service new types of customer with innovative on-demand insurance products, allowing customers to instantly purchase cover, whenever they need it, for as long as they need it. Product development facilities include modular and customised offers, micro insurance, instant insurance, pay-as-you-go insurance, IoT and wearables. 

In today’s digital marketplace distributors have to speed up the go-to-market of new products, together with multi-channel sales strategies, new relationship models, customised communications, and a positive customer experience.

digital_booster_2benefitsDeliver an engaging insurance journey

Digital Booster allows you to deliver a unique and seamless customer experience. Offer what your digital consumers really need, simplify the way they buy and manage their insurance cover, when they need it and in the minimum number of clicks.

Speed up go-to-market

Accelerate the delivery and distribution of new and innovative insurance products and diversify distribution channels by reducing reliance on aggregators/price comparison websites.

Increase the click-to-sale ratio

CRIF helps you design a fully digital insurance product proposition, improve conversion rates by gaining access to qualified & high-quality leads, and optimise pricing, cover and marketing to increase upselling and cross-selling.

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