From a wealth of powerful data, an easy to understand identity verification and risk assessment report is produced.

What is ID Check?ID-check-report

Combining a brief results summary with a detailed granular report, ID Check delivers identity verification tools which are both user-friendly and highly informative as well as a corresponding score.

CRIF Decision Solutions provides electronic tools to help insurance companies and and legal representatives know their customers better. By checking the identity of an individual and having a comprehensive view of their personal profile, the user can manage business risks, and confidently conduct due diligence.

The ease and speed at which information can be accessed will positively impact business and operational decisions. In tailoring and offering ID Verification Services to insurance companies, CRIF has drawn on its experience and proven track record in the development of consumer profiling and information services.

Know Your Customer better.

ID Check allows end users to confidently identify an individual and gain a better understanding of their circumstances, whilst also fighting the threat of identity fraud. This tool is able to accurately screen the personal details provided against a wide range of positive and negative databases in real time, allowing end users to quickly and easily verify an individual’s identity and highlight potential risk.
The ID Check tool provides the ability to make an extremely accurate verification of date of birth information thanks to the use of the credit reference file, as well as data on birth and death records, passport verification, mobile number check, etc.

3 Digit KYC Profile

Our ID checks uses a 3 stage process whereby the individual’s identity, residency and alerts are checked to produce a report that generates an easy to understand 3 digit KYC profile for every customer screened. By using a profile instead of a score we return a clear and actionable summary of your customer’s identity.

  • Residency – Name and Address Verification
  • Identity – Date of Birth Confirmation
  • Alerts – PEP & Sanctions, Dow Jones Data, Deceased (Halo) and Fraud (CIFAS members) Risk Indicators

Key features

  • identification of genuine customers
  • identification of suspicious transactions and applications
  • assessment of creditworthiness and financial standing by highlighting insolvent individuals
  • instant verification of the validity of paper proof-of-identity documents such as driving license number, and passport
  • Identify individuals listed on the CIFAS National Fraud Database
  • Verify credit-active individuals.


This brochure provides a complete overview of CRIF Verification Services and personal identity check as well as related products designed to effectively manage business risks, confidently conduct due diligence for anti-money laundering purposes.

Products and Services

AML Check

​Quick and user-friendly solution aimed at enabling insurers and legal representatives to screen the personal details of an individual and validate their identity against multiple sources to manage business risks, confidently conduct due diligence for anti-money laundering purposes and effectively prevent fraud. 

Vehicle Check

A real-time vehicle verification service which provides vehicle lookup data from different sources supporting insurers in identifying possible hidden issues affecting the vehicle.