Unfortunately, many businesses are still unprepared to manage cyber risk and understand their vulnerabilities. But there are tools available on the market which are affordable and can help an organisation rapidly identify cyber risk vulnerabilities.

In this age of digital disruption, there is a clear need for businesses to look out for cyber threats on an ongoing basis. Recognising this need, CRIF Decision Solutions has developed CRIF Cyber Check, powered by KYND, a proactive response to cyber management in 4 simple steps.
Available as a one-off assessment or regular monitoring, CRIF Cyber Check undertakes a cyber risk assessment, and instantly provides a report detailing the company’s cyber risk exposure.

The service is quick and easy to use, and IT expertise is not necessary. The system is non-invasive, requiring only the company domain name and answers to a short set of questions in order to perform the cyber risk screening. The report, written in simple business language, is delivered in real time using the universal traffic light system, ‘red, amber, green’, to represent risk severity. Once you can see any clear cyber risks affecting your business, you can prioritise actions and plan fixes.

Cyber Check helps you build a cyber-resiliency plan to effectively prevent and detect a cyber threat to minimise business disruption and financial losses.

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