Automate business decisions leveraging on data and analytics.

Release your organisation from the inflexibility and high costs of having hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems and embrace an enterprise decision management approach and technology that empowers business users. 

What is StrategyOne?

StrategyOne is CRIF’s technology that empowers business users, putting them in the driver’s seat to easily implement, test, monitor, and modify business rules, credit scores, calculations, and entire decision processes.
Without requiring any coding, StrategyOne leads to automated and confident decision-making throughout your enterprise. 

StrategyOne helps you to reduce costs due to hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems, while embracing a new decision management approach.

CRIF has been evaluated by Forrester as a “Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020:

“CRIF can jump-start DDP projects with credit and marketing solution accelerators”.

This is the second recognition for CRIF by Forrester. CRIF was also cited in Forrester’s Now Tech: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q3 2020 among Digital Decisioning Platform (DDP) providers: “Digital Decisioning Platforms (DDP) are an evolution of expert systems, knowledge-based systems, business rules management systems, and decision management systems”.

Keep reading to learn more about CRIF as a DDP provider and about StrategyOne, our solution for automated and confident decision-making.

What is StrategyOne about?

It is a complete business rules management platform and decision scoring engine that enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures.

From pre-screening and credit underwriting to ongoing credit risk management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, StrategyOne spans the customer lifecycle, covering all aspects of decision management with graphical, user-friendly decision-making technology.

Thanks to StrategyOne, you can: 


  • Enable business experts to author, test, deploy and manage decision logic using intuitive visual flows that require zero coding.
  • Design strategies though drag-and-drop rules, calculations, decision trees, scorecards, decision tables, machine-learning and more, then evaluate scenarios (e.g. what-if analysis, champion/challenger, etc.).
  • Increase the velocity of change, while avoiding typical issues related to the translation of business requirements into code specifications.
  • Monetise analytic investments, enhancing capacity to get expert decisions with the ability of machine learning to evaluate multiple and unconventional factors.
  • Make standardised and centralised decisions that help achieve Basel, IFRS9 and other compliance requirements at all stages of the customer lifecycle, from engagement and origination to customer management and collection. DevOps and ModelOps are much more efficient because all decision logic is designed and executed from a centralised location.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your business decisions by discovering new optimised strategies with our Augmented Intelligence-based strategy designer.
  • Monitor your strategies in an easy way by measuring your business objectives, while promptly react to gains and losses.
  • Let CRIF professionals help you realize all these benefits through consultancy, setup, training, configuration, and ongoing support.

More about StrategyOne features


  • Intuitive visual designer to author and test decision logics that requires zero coding.
  • What-If analysis to massively evaluate the impact of your strategy or compare with a benchmark.
  • Advanced Simulation to graphically see which parts of the process are working well, and which need adjustments.
  • Business Users can self-configure KPIs and evaluate them on production data without involving IT departments.
  • Champion / Challenger approach to compare two or more models to promote the one that performs best.
  • Operationalisation of Machine Learning models and Analytics. Compatibility with the most popular open source libraries (Python, R) and PMML models.


  • Discovery of alternative optimised strategies analysing historical data with our StrategyLab. This tool, with an intuitive user interface, enables business experts to set up the policy rules, the business goal, and constraints to meet. Leveraging on machine learning and optimization, StrategyLab will suggest alternative strategies that meet the business goal and constraints.
  • Deploy new decision logics without downtime.
  • All the changes are versioned. Previous versions of the decision processes are always available, and can be used for audit.
  • Monitor, using our StrategyInsight tool, the performance of your decision strategies with self-made (no code) dashboards and query your live data in production without having a rigid data warehouse. Be notified with alerts in case of special events in production.
  • Full explanations for all decisions.
  • Decision logics can be integrated within other applications (e.g. workflows) using our REST and SOAP API, or can run on batch file data.

The Augmented Intelligence StrategyOne way

Augmented Intelligence’s main objective is to empower humans to work better and smarter. Therefore, augmented intelligence - the usage of Artificial Intelligence to enhance human decisions - is a cut above just artificial intelligence (which means replacing human decision).
For that reason, we provide our customers with a unique suite of tools that enable the organizations to maximize the usage of the AI in a simple and effective way.

Our advanced suite of tools

CRIF Studio creates powerful predictors in our SaaS Analytics Sandbox. Go to CRIF Studio

StrategyLab turns predictors in business value by discovering the optimal decision strategy.

StrategyOne Decision Engine rapidly operationalizes decision strategies.

StrategyInsight explores and monitors business results.


Products and Services

UK Business Information & Company Searches

Reports and documents on every Company, Director and Business in Ireland, and in the UK. Professionals looking for the highest quality company information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth. CRIF has established a new approach to business information using a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised.

International Credit Reports across 230 territories

Wherever your goods are shipped or sold, you can now enjoy the latest details on over 200m companies across 230 territories. Credit reports, document and monitoring services to trade with confidence, visibility and transparency on worldwide relationships. Credit Reports are available online or can be freshly investigated, meaning that high quality information is guaranteed anywhere in the world.

CreditFlow. Business & Credit Process Management

End-to-end, configurable and agile credit process management with CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM) from CRIF. Balancing continuously changing demands, while providing better service, quicker responses, improved results and more control calls for an innovative and agile solution like CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM), which transforms a slow, rigid and unenforceable credit process to an automated, paperless and governable end-to-end process.