Automate business decisions leveraging on data and analytics.

Release your organisation from the inflexibility and high costs of having hard-coded rules dispersed throughout your systems and embrace an enterprise decision management approach and technology that empowers business users. 

How can StrategyOne help you?

StrategyOne puts business people in the driver’s seat to quickly and easily implement, test, monitor and change business rules, credit scores, calculations and entire decision processes without coding, leading to automated and confident decision-making throughout your enterprise. 

It is a complete business rules management platform and decision scoring engine that enables your organisation to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures. From pre-screening and credit underwriting to ongoing credit risk management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, StrategyOne spans the customer lifecycle, covering all aspects of decision management with graphical, user-friendly decision-making technology.

Key Benefits

  • Enables you to adapt by converting ideas into effective actions that leverage data and analytics, with graphical tools to design and modify strategies without IT assistance, allowing for quick time-to-market when faced with demands from the market and business, all with ease of integration with your existing systems;
  • Optimisation with faster customer response times, improved credit portfolio quality using scorecards, rating and and Basel-compliant risk parameter calculation (PD, LGD, EAD, RWA…), and the ability to meet business KPI targets with dynamic simulation in order to fine-tune and use a champion/challenger approach to try out new decision logic;
  • Allows you to implement your analytics models into StrateyOne using R and PMML tools. S1 is able to support advanced and machine learning models such as Neural Network, Tree Models and Random Forest;
  • Brings control through standardised and centralised decisions that help achieve Basel, IFRS9 and other compliance requirements, and consistency of decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle, from Engagement and Origination to Customer Management and Collection;
  • Gives access to CRIF professionals who can help you realise all these benefits through consultancy, setup, training, configuration and ongoing support.

Products and Services

UK Business Information & Company Searches

Reports and documents on every Company, Director and Business in Ireland, and in the UK. Professionals looking for the highest quality company information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth. CRIF has established a new approach to business information using a scenario where decisions and risks are based on a complex and robust framework of value-added information, dynamically updated and revised.

International Credit Reports across 230 territories

Wherever your goods are shipped or sold, you can now enjoy the latest details on over 200m companies across 230 territories. Credit reports, document and monitoring services to trade with confidence, visibility and transparency on worldwide relationships. Credit Reports are available online or can be freshly investigated, meaning that high quality information is guaranteed anywhere in the world.

CreditFlow. Business & Credit Process Management

End-to-end, configurable and agile credit process management with CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM) from CRIF. Balancing continuously changing demands, while providing better service, quicker responses, improved results and more control calls for an innovative and agile solution like CreditFlow Business Process Management (BPM), which transforms a slow, rigid and unenforceable credit process to an automated, paperless and governable end-to-end process.