The real-time SME credit score


The most accurate credit scoring for SMEs, powered by Open Banking.

Credit Passport® is a real time credit report used by Banks, Alternative Lenders and Comparison Platforms to provide the most accurate and current view of an SME’s credit quality. Because of Credit Passport’s industry recognised standard, and its clear and concise output, it facilitates accurate pricing of credit - speeding up decision making and improving the flow of credit to SMEs across the board.

SMEs can obtain their own score, view their Credit Passport and gain insights into how to improve or maintain their financial stability. SMEs can track their credit score over time and project their financial health via the Credit Passport Badge - as well as receive tailored lending products, dynamically matched to their credit profile.

Credit Passport is the first fully transparent real-time credit score for SMEs, based on the Open Banking standard. Instant, powerful and clear, it bridges the gap between the financial industry and business owners.

How does Credit Passport help SMEs?

Daily updates and alerts
Credit Passport refreshes daily, ensuring changes, both positive and negative are reflected instantly.

Improve & build the Credit Passport score
SMEs can understand the factors driving their score, and how to improve them, building healthier and more resilient companies as they go.

Demonstrate financial health
With a Credit Passport live web badge and downloadable certificates, SMEs can demonstrate they are ready for trade in a post-pandemic world.

Reduce Time and Cost of Borrowing
By placing the credit score at the beginning of the process, speed up lending and reduce friction.

Credit Passport, the Business Credit Score for SMEs, powered by Open Banking. Part of CRIF Digital.

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